Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Traffic Exchange that Builds Your Downline with Free Gifts

Today I had the chance to take a look at TrafficGifts, a traffic exchange and gift giveaway combined into a single site to increase website traffic.

These are two powerful methods I have used over the last few months to build my opt-in list and start earning a solid income online.

To go in a bit more detail about TrafficGifts, the system allows you to earn points in various ways which include surfing, referring new members and for each upgraded referral. You can even get points for upgrading your account which allows you to place your own gifts on the marketplace and rank them higher by assigning points to them. TrafficGifts takes this one step further and after so many days points are slowly removed from all gifts.

This allows the most active users in the system to rank their products high. Another great benefit of his site is its owner Guido Nussbaum, a leader in the traffic exchange and giveaway event industry. The idea of combining the two is a smart move that I am glad he put together. This site is going to be huge with a lot of background support from other leaders in the industry. If you are looking to grow your list and do it for free or at a very low cost then TrafficGifts is the place you need to be at right now, click here to signup for free.

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